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ONE DVD CONTAINS ALL OUR SOFTWARE INSTALLS: If you are ordering multiple programs, you need order only one physical DVD per total order. Buyer pays shipping and any applicable taxes. A DVD is not required as digital downloads duplicate DVD content. Important: although our distribution DVD contains every program we offer, you will only be able to unlock and install the titles you have purchased from us.
48 Program Platinum Bundle

Our 48 Program Platinum Bundle: The whole shebang - Includes Business-on-a-Stick *AND* PC installed versions. NEW LOWER PRICE Install on up to THREE computers plus you get the exclusive Business on a Stick for truly portable computing. Included is the physically shipped USB Drive and CD, both with ALL 48 titles preloaded. Starting a personalized gift business? This is the package for you, deeply discounted. Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP. 32-bit and 64-bit.

Amazing Astrology
The Hidden Story of Your Birthday! Amazing Astrology produces a suitable-for-framing, personalized insight into anyone's birthday. The full color printout supports its own graphics and looks spectacular when printed on plain heavy-weight paper. The full color printout supports its own graphics and looks spectacular when printed on plain heavy-weight paper. The look is enhanced when printed on natural parchment paper. While the software does support black & white printers, the results on color printers are outstanding. The program supports both American English and British English spelling and date format conventions. Digital Download with activation code.
Amazing Biorhythms
A full color, suitable for framing printout will impress all! In English, Spanish, French & German. "Bio" means life and "rhythm" means flowing with a regular movement. We all have three ways of operating in this world; three internal energies interacting with each other in a continuously changing pattern on a daily basis. These are our biorhythms. They are the three cycles of energy that govern the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of our lives: Our physical sensations, our emotions, and our ability to reason. Each of these parts has its own ups and downs. Digital Download and activation code.
Amazing Numerology
This state-of-the-art release offers a magnificent full color, four pages, suitable for framing, highest quality, and professional numerology chart for any name and birth date. The first two pages offer a detailed and fascinating explanation of the fascinating science of numerology and leaves no stone unturned. It further offers a detailed description of what the highly anticipated personalized chart will reveal. Digital Download and activation code.
Amazing Tarot Cards
Add professional tarot card reader to your resume with this innovative, pro quality software. Creates a suitable for framing printout in U.S. Letter or A4 with an 8 x 10 inch cutout for popular photo frames. Print it or optionally email it as an Adobe PDF file attachment. Featuring an astonishingly accurate three card spread using the Rider-Waite deck, your customers will find it amazingly insightful. Ability to focus attention to your choice of relationships, work, spirituality or personal growth. Only the recipient's (the querent) full name is required. Take financial advantage of the full potential of this product. Astound your customers and friends with the an always cheery, uplifting reading while raking in the money for yourself. Public website included; Wow! Tarot card readers are always in demand (just watch TV); now we have computerized it. Grab your copy today.
American Veteran
“Saying Thank You to Those who Served and Sacrificed” The best way to thank a veteran is to actually do it. And we just made your job easier; now you can offer the vet something he or she will really treasure: A personalized certificate of appreciation. All you need is the veteran's name and optionally his/her branch of service. There is also an optional "Presented By" line that is fully editable. Great for organizations, clubs, groups, etc that want to formally present the certificates. According to Info Please, there are 21.2 million veterans as of 2012 in the United States. That's 21.2 million certificates than are just waiting to be made. That's million with an M. This software produces a full bleed, presentation quality "American Veteran" appreciation certificate.
Anniversary Almanac
The Anniversary Almanac produces a touching reminder of what was going on in the world at large when the celebrants joined hands, and key events that have happened on their major anniversaries since. Simply type in the name of the bride and groom (or the people who are sharing a life), and the date of their union, and press the print key. Printouts are designed to fit on readily available paper stock. Digital Download and activation code.
Armed Forces Almanac
The software produces a suitable-for-framing, 8 x 10 inch print commemorating the military service of a selected individual. Available and limited to, all seven branches of the United States Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Army National Guard and Air National Guard. Certificates for countries other than the United States is not available nor planned. With U.S. Military patriotic fever at an all time high, now is the time for this software. Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, Independence Day; any day is a great day to honor our service men and women. Digital Download and activation code.
Award Master
Do you have any idea how many occasions call for some certificate to be awarded? Even a clue? This project started out as an award for First Responders. Very current, very topical today. From a suggestion for customer Ron Skipper, I created an award maker targeting that specific need. Then a light went on... Why not expand this into an award creator for any occasion and let the customers choose the award title? Why not indeed! Award Master was born. When you fire-up this software, you can literally create a professional grade, suitable for framing, 300 dpi, photo-grade 8" x 10" JPG for any event. Father of the Year, Backseat Drivers License, Best Mom in the World, Emergency Responders Award, I could keep going but you get the idea. You or your customer choose the title..... Just get creative. Digital Download and activation code.
Birthday Chronicle
The Birthday Chronicle produces a personalized mini-newspaper front page, including graphics, that will be treasured for years. No special paper is required. The printout includes a greeting, by name, from the then-President of the United States, plus newspaper headlines and stories from the recipient's year of birth. Combining nostalgia and history, people celebrating their birthdays can look back at the world as it was on the day they were born. Digital Download with a unique activation code. No physical CD sent.
Book Of Me Pro
"It is said that when a person is born, their name is written into the Book of Life." The Book of Life is unique in the personalized gift industry. Literally, it has no peer.. Not even anything close. Not simply a rehash of data, but a brand-new concept and narrative describing the recipient's place in history. We tried to give it the look of a page torn from the Book of Life, and we think we have succeeded. Paragraph after paragraph of fun, interesting and guaranteed factually accurate data specific to the person and birth date in time. No two printouts are the same. Your customers haven't seen ninety percent of this data before, so if you like The Birthday Chronicle, you are going to love The Book of Me. The program requires, like many of our other titles, the recipient's first and last name and maiden name at birth if available (for maiden names) along with optional nicknames. Their page in the Book of Life called The Book of Me. Digital Download and activation code.
Business-on-a-Stick Gold Bundle

Our Gold Bundle - 48 titles on a flash drive.  USB Thumb Drive physically shipped preloaded with Ken Kirkpatrick Software - Ready to Run portable computing. Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP compatible. 32-bit or 64-bit. Programs are pre-installed on USB flash drive. Ready to run on any PC. No installation nor activation required. IMPORTANT: Does not include PC installed editions . PC Installed editions are included in Platinum Bundle. $5.21 USD per program for ALL 48. The lowest price we have ever offered.

Class Reunion Almanac
Designed for either the class reunion committee or the small business entrepreneur, Class Reunion Almanac lets you create keepsakes individually, or create an entire batch of mementos for all of the reunion's attendees. Class Reunion Almanac makes it easy for school reunion organizers or entrepreneurs to give every classmate a personalized printout that includes the school's name, the individual's name, and a page full of school memories. Looks great on background art from All About Names, our official supplier. Digital Download and activation code.
Cloud Writer
“Skywrite Your Two Line Message in The Clouds” Shout it to the heavens. Your message in the clouds written for all to see! Any two lines of text will transform the clouds in the sky into your own private skywritten message. Works with any size paper automatically. Use standard U.S. Letter size or A4. Centers left / right and top / bottom. Uses plain, white, heavyweight paper. Time to get creative and have fun with this. This software produces a full bleed, presentation quality "Cloud Writer" gift document by print or PDF.
Creative I-Chart
This software produces a suitable for framing, presentation quality, personalized Snellen Eye chart-like printout featuring any text up to 26 characters. It then creates the famous look and feel of the classic eye-chart you have known for generations. But because this is a personalized eye chart, we call it an "I" chart. I, as in me. When we say any text, we mean any. Get creative! Use any person's full name, or say Happy Birthday or any verse or saying up to 26 characters: the number of letters in the alphabet. Works with any size paper automatically. Use standard U.S. Letter size or A4. Centers left / right and top /bottom. Uses plain, white, heavyweight paper
Fake Parking Ticket
Brand New Novelty item will generate sales 4U. Don't get mad, take quiet revenge.... We've all been there. In a crowded parking lot where there are seemingly no available spaces, there always seems to one jerk who has taken two slots for his precious car. It is so irritating that you could just scream. Guaranteed that everyone of your customers has had that experience too. Sometimes you leave a note out of anger, sometimes you even get law enforcement involved. Now you can offer your customers as satisfying alternative: a photorealistic parking ticket and envelope. It looks so real that it is guaranteed to stop the heart of the offender for a few seconds until he realizes that it's all fake.
Family Blueprint

America, not unlike other countries is fast becoming more of a melting pot of cultures around the world. More immigrants, more refugees, more people at the border. It is not unusual in any city to see pockets of ethnic groups spring up.  We have all seen Little Italy, Little Chinatown,  and the likes.

When these close knit communities cluster together, the family becomes very important. It takes on a more prominent role than in the rest of society. This is true of any affinity group. Christians, Hispanics, Italians, Filipinos, and the Irish, just to name a few. Family is everything. Pride in their heritage is everything.  This new program from Ken Kirkpatrick Software, honors that tradition with a tribute to the family and ethnic origin. Here, then, is Family Blueprint, "Together  we make a family."

Famous Love Stories

A Personalized Name Cloud of Famous Romantic Couples

Romeo and Juliet. Antony and Cleopatra. Bogart and Bacall. All, famous romantic couples, all legendary love stories. Where do you rank in the list of famous lovers? Now you can insert yourself into the lover’s hall of fame couples list. Famous Love Stories, creates a personalized, presentation quality word cloud of famous historical and fictional lovers throughout the ages. A veritable who's who pantheon of immortal  names well known to your customers. Adding the appeal, the list of famous names is regionalized. That means for North American audiences, we have created a list known widely in that region of the world. Similarly, we have conjured up a list of famous couples known to a greater extent in the British Empire and Oceania residents. And finally, there is an offering for our Hispanic and Latin America clientele.


First Name Almanac Pro
Our Flagship Program. First Name Almanac is a Windows program that lets your computer create suitable-for-framing printouts about the meaning of any name. The background art does not print. Sold as pre-printed paper. First Name Almanac can be used to create dazzling certificates, desk name plates, wearable buttons and custom-tailored leave-behinds, eliminating the need to buy expensive personalized gifts for employees, customers and prospects. Windows 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Vista, XP. Digital Download with Activation Code
Gift Factory English
Personalized poems, verses and more. More than two hundred poems and verses fully editable for that "just right" touch. Choose your verse, edit, change, add lines till your hearts content, then see it on one of more than two hundred commercially available art backgrounds. Use any Windows font, change size, move the text and see all your creativity on-screen, with full print preview. Add your own poems!! A "must have" software. Digital Download and activation code.
Gift Factory Spanish
Personalized poems, verses and more in Spanish! More than two hundred poems and verses fully editable for that "just right" touch. Choose your verse, edit, change, add lines till your hearts content, then see it on one of more than two hundred commercially available art backgrounds. The Gift Factory Spanish is Windows software that allows the end user to create on-demand personalized poetry and verses. All the features of its English version, but the output is in Spanish. The interface is presented in English. Digital Download and activation code.
Home Sweet Home
The cross-stitched sampler goes digital. In case you are not familiar with a (needlework) sampler, it is a piece of embroidery produced as a demonstration or test of skill in needlework. It often includes the alphabet, figures, motifs, decorative borders and sometimes the name of the person who embroidered it and the date. This our computerized version, our take of the traditional Home Sweet Home Sampler. Features the family surname and first names too! Tons of possibilities. Every line can contain any words you choose. Chose "Home Sweet Home." It could say "Home Sweet RV, " or "Home Sweet Motorhome," or "Bless Our Home." Beginning to see the possibilities? How about Home Sweet Houseboat, or Our Mountain Home... well you get the idea. Get creative! No matter what you choose, the text size will shrink/expand to fit your words on the page. It is fully automated. NOT part of any bundle.
How to Start Your Own Personalized Gift Business

Hit the home business jackpot! Whether your an experienced merchant or a newbie, this comprehensive PDF guide will walk you through the process of starting and maintaining a personalized gift business. Jam packed with practical, in the trenches advice and techniques. Learn from the mistakes of others and gain insight into successful sales and marketing of your products by the man who perfected the business for the last 28 years. A must have publication!

I Love My Pet
Imagine a program that caters to pet owners of any animal. Yes, any animal. If it's a pet and it walks, flies, swims or slithers, then we have a print for you. You have all seen the now classic bumper sticker that says " I Heart My Dog." This takes that concept to a whole new level. The program produces a suitable for framing print with user-defined text on three lines. The name of the pet is prominently displayed in the center in an attractive outline font. The pet's name can be of any length, as the software will auto-shrink the line to fit. In fact, all text lines shrink/expand to fit the background graphic.
Joshua 24:15 Software
“As for me and my house, we shall serve The Lord” This software produces a suitable for framing, presentation quality certificate of Christian Testimony. The famous Bible verse, Joshua 24:15 is the basis for the idea. Great gift giving for churches, Christian organizations, Bible Study clubs and individuals that want to formally present the certificates. Could there be a more thoughtful gift for Baptism, joining a church, church anniversaries, etc? A great Christmas gift to be proudly displayed in every Christian home. Presented In English or Spanish. The large majority of Americans -- 77% of the adult population -- identify with a Christian religion. That's about 254 Million Christians. That's 254 Million Joshua 24:15 Testimony Certificates yet to be made. This software produces a full bleed, presentation quality "Joshua 24:15" certificate.
Welcome to KinderPrints! This money-making software was designed as a small-business profit center, with you in mind. It is very easy to use and has been developed by Ken Kirkpatrick Software, the world's largest publisher of personalization programs. Its unique appeal is that the child's name is boldly printed in baby-blocks for eye-appeal. The output of the software is designed as a suitable-for-framing, gift giving certificate. The three different printouts should have year-round appeal. No special paper required! Works with any printer, but really outstanding with a color printer as the output is in full color with each baby-block a different color! Digital Download and activation code.
Kitchen Expressions

"Personalized Kitchen Menu Boards with a Variety of Classic, Inspirational & Humorous Sayings"

 Sold as gifts or as suitable for framing household treasures, this program creates personalized, one-of-a-kind  treasures. Add it to your software arsenal and tap into a huge market.

Kwanzaa Heritage
The only kind of software like this in the world, Kwanzaa - Our Family Heritage will find a wide audience in the African-American community with its respectful, yet colorful treatment of this celebration. Sure to be a topic of conversation around the home, this unique gift will be cherished by all. Print or create a PDF to email, this software does it all. Prints optional cover letter to introduce the certificate. This program celebrates the African-American festival of Kwanzaa. Uniquely American, this program produces a suitable for framing certificate personalized with a family or person's name as the centerpiece for their Kwanzaa activities. Digital Download and activation code.
Last Name Almanac
As seen at Disney Theme Parks. Last Name Almanac contains information on tens of thousands of family surnames, and with its exclusive phonetic matching, you actually have access to hundreds of thousands of surnames. Last name software that offers this much is a sure money maker! When we designed and built Last Name Almanac, our goal was to pack as many features as possible into a program that a total beginner could master in no time. Digital Download and activation code.
License Me This

License to Bitch, Backseat Drive, Shop, and More

Had any experience with backseat drivers? Hummm? Annoying, aren't they?  How about a cranky spouse or friend that likes to 'bitch' about practically anything and everything? Know someone like that?  Practically everyone is acquainted with a so-called shop-a-holic. You too? Spend, spend, spend.  We've got a license for that and the backseat driver and the BIT*#%$, too! Plus one for worry warts and a great license to get well which is suitable for seriously ill people. 

If you know people that fit the descriptions above, so do your retail customers. That's why we created License Me This. Might as well make their activity legal and recognized with one of our certificates with a humorous touch.

Lunar Land Company
This software produces a suitable for framing Lunar Land deed for real property on the moon, mineral rights included. This official looking document will be the talk of the town. Children and adults of all ages will want their own piece of our lunar neighbor. Lots are available in one, five and hundred acre parcels. What you charge is up to you! You're the boss, you're the realtor. Every deed is unique and only requires a land owner name and lot size to produce. For the person who has everything, this will top the list for the most unusual gift they'll ever receive. In full color, and available in both English and grammatically correct Spanish, tap into both huge markets. There is a pent-up demand in the Hispanic market for personalized products. Digital Download and activation code.
Mancave Magazine

Creates a personalized Magazine cover of ManCave Magazine

I have some friends that have mancaves, and one of their great delights is showing off all the stuff hanging on the walls in their dungeon. Posters, sports memorabilia, old license plates, pictures of their athletic prowess as a youth, photos of hot rods they used to own, well you get the idea. Why not give them something they really want? Their name on the cover of Mancave Magazine. Print it, frame it, hang it. Guaranteed it will be their greatest pride and joy. When their fellow cave dwellers see it, they will all grunt with approval. They'll want one too.

Choice of two cover art themes; Humanlike Harry and Neanderthal Nick. Either one should do nicely. Just have caveman point to his selection and then look at the expression on his little face. Under all that grime and low brow, he'll grunt.

Marquee Writer
Lights! Camera! Action! You're always the star with Marquee Writer! Any two lines of text will transform the marquee at the CinePlex 14 in Virtual City into your own private theater message. Works with any size paper automatically. Use standard U.S. Letter size or A4. Centers left / right and top / bottom. Uses plain, white, heavyweight paper.
My Family Almanac
If your customer has a family or knows a family, you can sell him this product! Bold statement! Not bragging, it's true. International appeal. Any last name, and we mean any last name that can fit into twelve characters will work with this software. This software is a bona fide money machine. It has the potential to reach every client/customer you have. OK, what's so special you ask? Plenty. Let's start with the fact that everyone has a last name, a family name, a surname. If they have a last name, you can sell them a Family Almanac suitable for framing prints. You can create printouts in English and Spanish and for the first time, JPG photo files. Digital Download and activation code.
My Guardian Angel
Everyone has a Guardian Angel assigned to him at birth. Your birth date determines which Angel is given the duty to protect you throughout your lifetime. There are seventy-two Guardian Angels grouped into nine "Choirs' or families of eight each . Each "choir" has a Prince Archangel that leads his family of Angels. This software creates a presentation quality certificate showing a biblically accurate description and the name of your personal Guardian Angel. Digital Download and activation code.
My Proud Heritage

Celebrate your heritage! You can create a unique heritage keepsake for anyone. Almost everyone has an historical family country of origin. Whether you are Italian-American, French-Canadian, or any mix of any country in the world, we have a gift for you. Choose the country of current residence, choose the country of historical origin, type in the name, and in seconds produce a suitable for framing gift. We have most every country, even obscure countries, and their flag. This software has no peer and will be an immediate hit with your market, no matter who they are! Digital Download and activation code.



Biology, Astrology, Numerology, Dermatology, Zoology.  In fact, there are about 282 ology's listed in the dictionary. How about the study of you? We call it Nameology. If your name is Bob, why not Bob-ology? How about Steve and Steve-ology, or Brad and Brad-ology? How about any name? We can it do it in English or Spanish. Three suitable for framing backgrounds to appeal to any taste; this is truly a best seller in the making.  If you do well with our flagship program, First Name Almanac, then this new software, Nameology, is a natural companion piece.

Naughty or Nice

Tired of the same old Letter from Santa? Try something delightfully new. Presenting Naughty or Nice; a Microsoft Windows program that creates presentation quality Certified Nice or Certified Naughty certificates guaranteed to be cherished by any child. In fact, it will be a main talking point of their holiday conversations. "Did 'ya see what I got?"

With universal holiday appeal, the letter can be generated in English or professionally translated Spanish. The output is available as an eight by ten inch standard photo size image, centered on U.S. Letter size paper or A4. Also available as an emailable PDF file or as a JPEG photo file. The choice is yours. To top it off, you may optionally include a mailing label to be affixed to a  large photo mailer. A complete holiday gift for a grateful child. The "Naughty" certificate will make a fun Christmas gag gift for co-workers and older teens. Guaranteed to make 'em laugh.

O' Christmas Tree

A Personalized Family Tree, Christmas Tree'

Everyone loves to see their name in print. This whole family, Christmas Family-Tree will be a sure-fire winner this holiday season. NO matter the size of the family up to eight members, you can supply a cherished holiday keepsake that will be displayed year after year.

Language neutral, all you need is the family surname and up to eight first names. Even include pet names in the group. Unused name slots will be filled with an appropriate Christmas bulb decoration, so the bulb doesn't look 'empty.' This should be an easy seller. Just display or circulate samples, gather the names and reap the profits. If your customer celebrates Chistmas, then this software will become a staple in your software treasure chest. Print or create a PDF on U.S. Letters size or A4. It's the right gift for the right season.

Over The Hill Club
This software produces a full bleed, presentation quality "Over The Hill Club" certificate. Designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to use and edit. Here is a list of the prominent feature and benefits: Presentation quality, 300 dpi print, full bleed, edge to edge on U.S. Letter or A4 | Auto-sized for true A4 output. Software will auto-determine paper size from print driver. | True print preview in full color | Editable name of honoree recipient | Editable "from" gift giver name | Editable presentation date (usually birthday of current year) | Changeable local chapter suitable for your location. Any country and province (includes user-defined "other") | Exclusive. No other software on the planet does this. Own this market in your area. People will love it.
Pharaohs Scribe
Imagine seeing you name in ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Now you can with the only software of its kind in the world - The Pharaoh's Scribe. Released after ten years of research, this program accurately renders any first name, regardless of origin, into an authentic hieroglyphic enclosed in a royal cartouche. This money-making software will give you and your company the competitive edge as this type of software simply exists nowhere else. And the program couldn't be simpler to operate. Simply enter any first name up to 13 characters and click "Print". That's as hard as it gets. Digital Download and activation code.
Proud Pedigrees
Humans are crazy for their pets and now you can cash in on this billion dollar market. Proud Pedigrees prints a certificate, suitable for framing, about man's best friend - the dog and man's most numerous pet - the cat. Its main objective is to produce salable prints on demand for any breed in seconds in a fast-paced small business environment. This software will find a home at swap-meets and flea markets as well as mall kiosks and other small business settings. Animal shelters, pet stores, Vets, professional trainers and groomers will also find this software extremely attractive as there is nothing of this quality on the market today. Digital Download and activation code.
Purple Heart Patriots

'For Purple Heart Veterans Who Were Wounded or Made The Ultimate Sacrifice'

"We cannot express our thanks enough times, for how your sacrifice gives us a freedom we would not know." Thus,  states the citations you can create with this American original, Purple Heart Patriots. Aimed squarely at those American heroes who were wounded in action or made the ultimate sacrifice and were killed in action. [see eligibility]

There are literally millions of wounded and deceased American Veterans. Many, if not most, were awarded the Purple Heart in the name of the President of The United States. Our presentation quality certificates honor that sacrifice. Whether wounded in action or killed in action at any time since 1917, this plaque will find a place of honor in the home of the receiving Veteran or veteran's family.

Sands Of Time
The Sands of Time, an easy-to-use Windows program that produces a suitable-for-framing keepsake memento that commemorates people's birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days. With just a few keystrokes, The Sands of Time prints a full-color listing of 25 events that happened throughout history on that day. With its huge database of 200+ events for every day of the year, you can produce printouts for employees, clients, or business colleagues, year after year, and each printout will be unique. The Sands of Time produces a stunning, personalized printout of historical events that took place on that day. Digital Download and activation code.
Santas Photo Workshop
Not every child can have his photo taken with Santa Claus. It's actually quite expensive these days. The child might also be non-ambulatory or ill. Maybe a shut-in or hospitalized. Maybe, sadly, no one cares enough. We do! Brighten a child's day with a personalized, autographed photo from Santa. Available in English and Spanish, the gift is sure to please. Imagine the surprise on their face when they open an envelope that came from the North Pole containing a real photo, personalized with their name and signed by Old Saint Nick himself. Digital Download and activation code.
Scripture On Art
Create personalized Christian gifts with Scripture on Art bible software for the Christian entrepreneur or ministry. Imagine being able to place any verse from the Bible on beautiful Christian art backgrounds, personalized with the person's name with two additional sentiment lines of your choosing. When we say any Bible verse, we mean every single verse from Genesis to Revelations in both English & Spanish. Digital Download and activation code.
Shipwreck Island Software
This one-of-a-kind software will allow you to create suitable for framing, old-world style maps of that uncharted island with any surname. Will remind you of an old parchment treasure map. A truly unique personalized keepsake for any family or family member. Six features on the map can be personalized with family first names or surnames. Name the harbor, bay, mountains, cape, sea and island after any surname or first name. Get creative. Printable customer order form allows easy entry of customer preferences.
Sidewalk Star
Your Star on The City Walk of Fame
Perhaps you've heard of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame ® ? This is our take on that concept. While we nor you cannot use the name "Hollywood Walk of Fame" as it is a registered trademark of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, we can use City Walk of Fame.
This software create a personalized sidewalk star similar to those found on its more famous cousin. While there is no trademark infringement, the look and feel of the Sidewalk Star will be familiar to your clients the world round. You can create a stunning, suitable for framing 8 x 10 inch  photo size print, or create a PDF and email it to your client.
Star Almanac Pro
Star Naming Software. Become an Independent Star Almanac Deputy Registrar by investing in this revolutionary program. This is not the website program just rehashed. This Star Almanac deputy registrar software represents a real income opportunity for entrepreneurs. There are trillions of unnamed stars in the vast universe, millions of stars that have been named and untold billions that have not. As an authorized deputy registrar of The Official Star Almanac, earn 100% on every sale. Yes, one hundred percent, plus you get unlimited free access to upload your star sales data to the long established Star Almanac Website. Before now, you had to pay a monthly fee to sell and upload your star naming sales. No more, just make this one-time investment in the software and you're on the onramp to the income highway. No monthly payments or royalties of any kind. You print it, you click a single button to upload it when you have internet access and that's as hard as it gets. No one and we mean no one has software that does this. Digital Download and activation code.
The Diva Awards
“It's not an attitude, it's a way of life.” Everybody knows one. The self-proclaimed Diva. Give her what she so richly deserves, a world-class Diva Award. She owns that lifestyle; now make it official and documented with our exclusive "The Diva Awards." This software produces a full bleed, presentation quality "The Diva Awards" certificate. Designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to use and edit.
Welcome Baby
"Create Treasured Keepsake Gifts for Newborns". The perfect gift for the proud new parents. Featuring its own graphics, this full color printout is available in two graphics styles to suit the tastes of almost anyone who wants that "just right" presentation gift. View it, print it, create a PDF file and email it - the choice is yours with this versatile software. You are given complete flexibility over the background graphics, font selection, and font color as well as a number of output options including Adobe PDF creation with email capability. Color printer recommended, or choose "no graphics" and use your own background paper and get creative! Digital Download and activation code.